Astronomy Power Box

I have been struggling to find a good power solution for my telescope and as the winter will soon be here, and along with it the longer nights, I needed to get on with it.

I already have a 100Ah deep-cycle battery so I got myself a battery box with a built-in on-off switch, power terminals, a 12V socket and a power meter. To this I added another 2 12V sockets with in-line 3A fuses.

20150826-083637-20150826_083638This is really an interim solution though. Ultimately I would like to mount the sockets, along with a few others such as 8V for my dSLR, dew heater PWM sockets, USB and another couple of 12V sockets, in a small box with the battery external. That way I can easily use any 12-14V power source.

However, this will work and I will have enough sockets for my mount, CCD and filter wheel. The laptop will be run off an inverter connected to the external terminals. I don’t like using inverters but with this laptop I have no choice as I don’t have a non-230V solution. I’ll keep looking.

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