Bad News! Cornwall pull funding for Electric Cars

It is a sad day today because I heard that Cornwall Council’s excellent plans to install a proper fast and slow charging infrastructure has had its funding pulled and so as I write this there is no plans within Cornwall Council, as far as I know, to install any EV charging infrastructure in the county.

The council had funding and plans for the following:

  • Install slow chargers at key car parks across the county (including Truro Park and Ride) and 3 rapid chargers close to the main trunk roads
  • Car parks were to be identified and surveyed over the coming weeks and expressions of interest invited for possible locations for the first 3 rapid chargers.
  • The comms team was going to work on a coherent marketing and information strategy to complement the project and inform potential users.
  • Details were going to be released of the proposed grant scheme for assisting businesses to install chargers during the coming weeks.

All of this has now been shelved.

This is a huge blow for EV owners in Cornwall and also to those outside Cornwall that wanted to visit. It is difficult enough for EV owners to get around in Cornwall at the moment with very limited public charging infrastructure available. For example, the nearest DC fast charger for Nissan LEaf owners like myself is Exeter, Devon and nothing at all Cornwall itself.

I am going to try to find out some more details on this in the next week or two and see if there are any plans at all.

3 thoughts on “Bad News! Cornwall pull funding for Electric Cars”

  1. Jon, It was pulled as part of the "star chamber process". I am not too up on council proceedings but I believe that is a part of the council process to reduce public spending.

    That is as much as I know 🙁


  2. Looks like we are going to try to do some of what Cornwall Council were going to do ourselves through a community effort lead by amongst others Kay Bickley of Upcott House.

    More on this later I am sure.

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