Bathroom Makeover 1

20161003_110458I finally decided to make a start on updating the house and the first room to get the treatment will be the main bedroom en-suite.

Neither of the two bathrooms or the downstairs toilet have been updated within the last 20 years and so they badly need doing.

20161006_131707With the help of my good friend Gary we are preparing the room for the fitting of the new bathroom ourselves so we have got ourselves a skip some tools and lots of coffee and we have set about pulling everything out and take on the walls back to the stud work.

20161007_114958What spurred me into action was that I found water dripping through the ceiling of the lounge from the bathroom above. I knew from staining on the ceiling that there had been water leaks in the past but I was assured by the previous owner that these were fixed. I bought the house knowing that there may be problems in that area so I was not too surprised when the leak happened.

20161004_132401Pulling out the old bathroom and taking the tiles and the old plasterboard off was easy but it revealed that there has been a water leak for many years. Some of the stud work, rafters, bathroom floor, and lounge ceiling all have signs of water damage and/or rotting wood. The damage is not too bad and as Gary is a dry-wall installer by trade it will be easy to repair.

Nevertheless, for someone like myself who is unfamiliar with buildings it is a bit scary!

So far, so good.

20161007_114943The next stage is to replace the damaged parts of the floor, and to prepare the walls to receive new tiling by fitting new plasterboard. While we’re at it, we will pull down the bathroom ceiling and replace that to in preparation for receiving new LED lighting.

What fun!

More on this later…

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