BMW i8 Preview – Cancelled Due to Chargers Not Working

As you can see from a previous post, I was due to visit What CAR? magazine’s readers preview of the BMW i8 on Monday. I have had to withdraw from the event 🙁

The problem is that my route from my caravan in Highbridge to Twickenham needed the follow Ecotricity Highway locations…

Leigh Delemare – off-line
Membury – off-line
Chieveley – off-line
Reading – working
Heston – off-line

Now I don’t need all of them but I need less than 60 miles between charges to be safe (Mk1 Leaf and cold, 5degC). However, the only one of those working is Reading. That means I would need to get from my caravan in Highbridge to Reading on one charge… that is 105 miles! Also, even if I get to Reading, I would not be able to charge at Heston and so I would need to do Reading to Twickenham and back on a single charge and that is 62 miles. Probably just OK as the speeds will be lower as much of it is off motorway. Nevertheless, this trip is now not possible.

Now some of these may have a way to get to the other carriageway. However, it is one thing to ask a service area manager to bend his rules and let you use the service road if the charger fails unexpectedly but quite another to set out on a trip already knowing that the charger has failed. For me… if I already know the charger is broken then I won’t rely on the goodwill of the manager.

So, I am scuppered.

I do have the Ampera I could use for this trip but I was only willing to do the trip in the first place because it could be done in the Leaf so I am not prepared to use the Ampera and spend money on petrol for what is an optional event for me.

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