BMW i8 – What Car? Reader’s Preview

What Car? magazine often hold a preview day for readers to get up close to new models and to give their opinions. These days are videod and the results are published in the magazine.

I will be attending the preview day of the BMW i8.

It has been billed as the first hybrid and sustainable supercar so will it live up to the near £100k price tag?

We won’t get to drive it but we will get to see it in the metal (and probably carbon fibre!) which will at least give us an idea of looks, comfort, size etc and to help us understand some of the technology.

I have tested the BMW i3 and own a Nissan Leaf and a Vauxhall Ampera and so I will be in a rather unique position to compare these EVs and hybrids.

All this happens on Monday 17th March and I will be tweeting on @paul_churchley and blogging when I can about it.

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