Books Arrived and Yes! I have started study!

After months of waiting, finally the day has arrived for me to start my studies for real.

The books for both my courses (MST 124 and MST 125) have arrived in the post and I’m now ready to start. In fact yesterday I started on unit one although the official start date is not until October.

The last time I did any serious amount of study was about 10 years ago so I’m feeling rusty and a little nervous although I’m certain that will pass within a few days – I hope!

So far though things are looking good. I have completed all the preparation revision so I am in as best shape as I could hope for.

The websites for MST 124 and MST 125 now open and I have access to the forums to meet up with my fellow students and with the tutors. I’m looking forward to meeting them both online and in-person at tutorials and study groups.

The science course S111 does not have any printed course materials and is totally online. Also, this course has no end of module exam and so the entire mark for the module is through ongoing course assessment. I believe this is the first course that has been delivered in this way. So the first chance I will get to view the course material will be when the website opens in a week or two’s time. In the meantime I have plenty to be getting on with.

2 thoughts on “Books Arrived and Yes! I have started study!”

    1. Not too bad. Passed MST124 exam and got good marks for S111 but failed the MST125 exam. I am doing the retake in June.

      I am not too surprised I failed one of them. I skipped out the last 2 sections of the study as I had to travel. I am doing the M500 study weekend… should get me through 🙂

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