Busy Busy

Boy! Has the past few weeks been busy. My studies have gone ballistic and I am just about keeping up. Tracy and I are flipping between each others houses and this is time-consuming… not only with the travel but it takes a lot of our time away from our studies constantly arranging things.

Tracy has heard that she has to go to the USA for her studies for a couple of weeks and as a new hubby it would be remiss of me to let her go on her own… wouldn’t it! So we are arranging a week in and around Savannah, Georgia and a week around Boston and Rhode Island. Of course we will enjoy it and it won’t be all study related but there won’t be a lot of time for sightseeing.

The house plans are gelling. The new en-suite bathroom is being installed in a couple of weeks… the soakaway for the rain drainage needed unblocking… the roof of the house needed a small repair. Tracy and I ordered a new sofa suite for the lounge… our first joint purchase for the house!

So it is all go.

Look out for more details of the bathroom installation and details for the USA trip when we get them.

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