Can’t Decide!

I am having a bit of a wobble over whether I want to wait 6 months or so for my new car. I am testing the e-Niro on Wednesday but we have already had a look at the Kona and we liked it. The issue is that I can have a Kona now and I have to wait 6 months or so for the Niro. Call me impatient or what!

So, time for a review in my mind on each:

  • Style… I like the slightly more modern look of the Kona particularly inside.
  • HUD… I love the HUD on the Kona. OK, a little bit of a gimmick but it does have a safety aspect in that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road quite as much.
  • Availability… Kona now! Niro 6 months. In fact, I’d probably go for a very low mileage used rather than new so that would only be a Kona as no used Niros around.
  • Space… Kona it has a little less space in the back seats and boot. How much this actually matters I really don’t know tbh. We are used to a biggish car (Qashqai) so whatever we get we will have to adjust how we operate. We don’t carry passengers very often. This for me is the biggest issue.
  • Info Screen… love the wide info screen on the Niro and the way you can split it and have effectively 2 screens up in one.
  • Warranty… only 5 year warranty on Hyundai but the battery has an 8 year warranty. 7 years on battery and car for the Niro.
  • Cost… the Niro is slightly cheaper but as far as what we actually pay there are used Konas around so we could get a very low mileage (3000) Kona for a similar price to a new Niro. I always like buying nearly new (rather than new) but with a BEV should I be looking at new to make sure the battery has not been abused? With a a car with such low mileage… could the battery be compromised in such a short time? Probably if the abuse was extreme I suppose.

I think the honest answer is that they are so close in my mind that I could easily be happy with either! Boy! This is a tricky decision.

I am looking in to renting a Kona for a week. there is a company in Portsmouth that rents EVs and I could have a Kona for a week and see if we can live with it long-term. More on this later.

Anyone used them?

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