Caravan Service

I took the caravan to have its annual service today. I had to get it to Scorrier from Plymouth and wait while the service was done so I decided to take a trip to Truro instead of just hanging around.

I have lived in Cornwall for 6 years now and never been to truro so it was about time!

I have to say that I loved it! It is an “old style” town with streets and shops. Well, I say “town” but it is really a city and I couldn’t visit Truro for the first time without visiting the cathedral. i am not a chrchy kind of guy but it was a very pleasent visit.

Nothing to report with te caravan. All fine for another year.

We are thinking about moving the caravan from its current storage site to a caravan site that does seasonal pitches so that we can use the caravan without having to tow. We are looking for a suitable site now.

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