Change of plan

Until now I have been a big supporter of Open Charge Map and I have spent hundreds of hours working on improving the UK OCM data. I have extensive data management and database admin experience so when I saw several areas of concern in the OCM I raised them with Chris Cook, the project owner, in the expectation that he would be interested in my comments and would address the various issues.

Not so. Chris is not interested. I have tried to explain why I have these concerns but it seems that he does not give me any credit for my years of database experience or the fact that I am a dedicated OCM supporter.

Well not any more I am not.

He has rubbished one too many of my concerns and I have now lost all interest in helping OCM in any way.

I want to be clear here… I am not saying this just because he is not doing things my way. I am saying this because he is not interested in what I say regardless of whether my concerns are sound or not. If someone has years as a professional database administrator and joins an open project like OCM you would imagine that they wold want to listen and take on board any concerns. No. Instead they ignore my concerns, figuratively pat me on the head and tell me to go away.

Well that is precisely what I am now doing for the last time. I have returned several times to OCM in the hope that Chris Cook would be more open, encouraging and including but this time it is the last straw.

So as of now I want nothing to do with OCM.

My planner was using OCM data and so until I can source another data provider it is coming off-line and I am stopping development of the planner until I can see a future for it.

OCM data could have been sound and reliable in the UK… as it stands though the data is so sketchy that I have no confidence that the data is at all accurate and so I will not use it.

I will be publishing some stats and reports on the OCM data soon to try to publicise just how poor the data quality on OCM actually is and you can make up your own mind.

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