Change of view of the EVDA-UK

Over the past few days I have had open and frank discussions with the EVDA-UK committee. I felt that with my support and help they could take the EVDA-UK forward putting to bed all the criticism it has had of inaction and creating an organisation that became something every EV drivers wanted to join.

Plug in Britain had a program to excite every EV driver. We were going to bring a help line, better web site, more info for owners and prospective owners, tools to help people determine what EV was right for them and tools to help existing EV owners get the most from their EVs, apps, discounts, a presence at shows and events, handouts and leaflets… in fact, we wanted to make Plug in Britain the best, the only EV advocacy group worth being a member of.

Sadly Plug in Britain didn’t get going but I felt that there was enough light from the EVDA-UK committee that they might recognise that this is what EV drivers wanted, this is what the EVDA-UK needed if it was to deliver anything of value.

Unfortunately, what I offered was change and a vision of a new EVDA-UK… one that encompassed the best of the existing EVDA-UK (not that there is much right now) and what Plug in Britain promised.

It looks like this won’t happen.

Clearly, I have seriously misjudged the EVDA-UK committee. They really do seem unable to recognise their failures and they seem to think that what they have done to date an indicator of their success… not failure.

I thought I could turn then around. I cannot.

So, whilst I do not support a lot of what Brian Orr says I must come to the conclusion that I was wrong all along… the EVDA-UK does need new blood. A new start and a new committee.

I have changed my vote to one of “No Confidence” and I suggest you do the same if you want the EVDA-UK to be forward thinking, dynamic, reactive and to give you what EV drivers want.

Resend your vote now to NO CONFIDENCE.

I will gladly put myself forward as chairman and I promise that the EVDA-UK will be everything that Plug in Britain promised and more… I will need forward-thinking committee members to help me bring about the vision of a successful, active and dynamic EVDA-UK.

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