Changing Name is Easy

Until now I have not given any thought as to exactly how I went about changing my name but with the wedding less than a week away now I thought a better look into it!

Well, it seems that as far as the law is concerned, I can call myself anything I want without the need for documentation providing I do so without the intent to defraud or deceive. This means that anyone can just simply call yourself anything you want at any time without doing anything special to mark it. Of course, in this modern world, it isn’t quite as simple as that… But it isn’t a lot more complicated either.

The key to this seems to be the bit about not deceiving or defrauding because a person that constantly changes their name is not easily traceable and so changing your name on a regular basis would seem to break this requirement. Also, just going to your bank, to the DVLA, to the passport office etc and just saying to them that you changed your name is probably not going to convince them that the name changes permanent. This is where the deed poll comes into play.

The deed poll is very simple; it is nothing more than a statement of fact or intent to change your name. You do not need solicitors involved more do you need to pay anyone any money to create one. You simply copy the approved wording from the government website into a document, change it to suit your names (old and new in the appropriate places), date it, sign it in front of two witnesses and that is it! It is free, it is easy, it is legal!

So now you have your deed poll you can start using your new name… In fact, from the time you sign your deed poll, you should really use your new name from then on although you are permitted to use your old name for a short period during the transition.

To change your name with your bank, driving licence, passport etc you will need to send your deed poll to the appropriate organisation as proof of your permanent name change.

So there you are! Easy peasy!

You can find out all the details from the website here:

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