Charging our Nissan Leaf at Waitrose

We went shopping at our local Waitrose today. This supermarket is our closest supermarket this side of the river and toll so we use it quite regularly. There are two POLAR charging units each with a 13A socket and a 32A type 2 socket.

We are POLAR members and so we always try to plug in when we shop there, not because we generall need the charge (although it has happened) but because we want to support Waitrose for installing EV charging and the more it is used the better their justification for installing them. So when we arrived we plugged in using our type 2 to J1772 cable which we got from Zero Carbon World for just £199 (

We arrived with out 70 miles estimated and 9 bars and after about an hour or so we left with 90 miles estimated and 11 bars. Not a huge increase but it paid for our trip to the supermarket and probably our coffee in the cafe too!

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