Cornwall Council to install Fast Chargers

Great News! Cornwall Council is to install 3 Fast Chargers in strategic locations in Cornwall. They have determined that with Fast Chargers in locations such as Saltash, Launceston and Redruth so EV drivers will be able to drive throughout Cornwall easily.

Alongside the fast chargers they are also installing some 20+ slow charging posts throughout the county allowing drivers to extend their local range.

This highlights what can be done with a forward-thinking local authority and I would urge all local authorities to share the vision that Cornwall is showing and to do the same. With a properly located Fast Carger network throughout the UK electric vehicles will be a sensible alternative for all journeys long and short and it would hasten their take up.

Cornwall Council have purchased 6 Nissan Leafs to use as pool cars and may purchase more if these first 6 are a success. They are also looking at electric vans (such as the Nissan NV200 to be launched soon). They have already installed charging stations at all the council office locations.

The council is also keen to make EVs available to the wider public through car clubs and will be encouraging and facilitating the starting of clubs as demand from the community increases.

Well done to Cornwall Council.

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