Day 1 to plan but trouble on horizon

Yesterday went well. Charging was fine and no ICEing!

The talk by Robert Llewellyn was simply fantastic! He is a very funny and clever man with true insight to what matters in the world.

Today is raining. YUK!

So, it is 7.30am. I am sitting in the Starbucks at Sedgmoor services. Last night I couldn’t be bothered to set up the caravan to charge the car so I am rapid charging here now while I have breakfast.

Today the plan is: Michaelwood, Oxford Leicester Forest East, Peterborough. Aiming to arrive Peterborough around 4pm. I really need to get there in time to rapid charge at Smiths Nissan though.

Staying tonight in Days Inn… special offer £30pn!!!! I really don’t like Days Inn. I have had a few bad experiences and they nearly always are old and in bad need of some investment but at £30pn I will put up with it for 2 night.

I heard last night from a fellow Leaf owner by phone and from Ecotricity by Twitter that the rapid charger at Swaffham is down. Fortunately the AC is still working so I will just have to stay there all day and use the AC. It isn’t too much of a problem as I was expecting to stay most of the day anyway but I am just hoping that if when they close I am not charged enough to get me back to Peterborough that they can allow me to stay a little longer. It does mean I will be hogging the AC charger all day though so if anyone else needs it then they will be out of luck. That is the problem of not having several slow chargers.

Thanks to Ecotricity and the others who let me know.

One thought on “Day 1 to plan but trouble on horizon”

  1. OK… to those that spotted the deliberate mistake have a brownie point. I went to Newport Pagnell instead of Leicester Forest East!

    LFE was an option at one point and I forgot that I had changed it to Newport Pagnell last night when I wrote the blog. Sorry 🙂

    PS If you are still waiting at LFE for my late arrival you can go home now! 🙂

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