Day 2 – Software Wows

Tried to get a little more familiar with the software today but was met with a degree of frustration.

Firstly I paired my phone using the SAP protocol. Basically it didn’t go very well and in the end, after a lot of faffing about, I decided to stick with the standard Bluetooth connection. It might be because I am not on the latest software on the phone or it might be my own finger trouble but either way it was very frustrating.

Also frustrating was using the hard drive. The manual talks of getting in to the HDD menu but it wouldn’t go into that menu at all even though I was following the instructions. What I didn’t know was that the menu doesn’t appear until there is something on the hard drive already. So I was bashing my head following the instructions which didn’t tell me this. Once I had recorded some music onto the drive all was well.

The radio station lists could be in alhpa sequence. Instead they seem pretty random making finding a particular station longwinded.

More over the next few days when we drive from Cornwall to Ambleside in the Lake District – can’t wait!

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