Day 3 – Things are Better Today

The software wows of yesterday have mosting been sorted with the help of some helpful people on the forum. I still have the issues with the phone but I’ll just use standard Bluetooth until I get a software update on the phone.

The hard drive issues are sorted. That was a documentation mismatch between the manual and reality. Not uncommon in version 1 of a product.

Today has been a quite-ish day with just a single trip to Plymouth (15 miles round trip) as we prepare for tomorrows drive to Newcastle-under-Lyme… 250 miles.

We are going to stop at least once on route for a comfort break so we might as well stop somewhere we can charge. So I expect to stop at least one of the following Welcome Break service areas for tea and a top-up charge… Sedgemoor, Michealwood, Hopwood Park. I will be twittering and I will try to get some piccies too.

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One thought on “Day 3 – Things are Better Today”

  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for following and commenting.

    Whether the Ampera suits you will depend on a number of factors. The biggest one is how much will you be driving it per day? The fuel mileage will vary from 45mpg to 545mpg or more depending on your daily driving profile. Because of this it is difficult to say what the payback period is without knowing more of how you would use it.

    Charging costs again, depend on how much you pay for your electricity. It takes about 12kWh per charge from flat. So, if like me you are on Econ7 and pay 6p over night then that is just 72p! If on the other hand I charge in the day on my tariff at 16p it would cost me £1.92. Sorry I cannot be more specific but it truly does depend on what you pay. i think most people pay about 10p-12p so the £1 is a little optomistic I suppose but it is still realistic for most people.

    Now, what mpg you get will vary hugely depending on the ratio of how much you drive in EV mode and how much you drive using petrol. For example, if you commute 15 miles each way to work then you will use almost no petrol, ever, unless you drive on a longer trip and in that circumstance you could see mpg figures in the high hundreds!!! On the other hand, if you are a travelling salesman and drive 300 miles a day then only 40 of that will be oin EV mode and the majority of your driving will be using petrol so mpg figures would be near the 50mpg of the petrol generator.

    I expect my mpg to be in the region of 500mpg over the year given the amount I expect to drive in EV mode.

    If you would like any more help then please register on the Ampera Owners forum and I will be very pleased to make sure you get the facts. There are a lot of other owners there too so you can be sure of accurate info 🙂

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