Delhi – Change of Plan

OK… here’s the thing… I am in Delhi for 36 hrs… I have never been to India before… I thought it a great opportunity to see some of Indian life and also the wonder that is the Taj Mahal… am I right?

Then there is the fact that I am on a Round the World trip that has no slack. If I get a touch of the “Delhi belly” then I will have it whilst flying to Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, New York and London. I could protentially be ill all the way back to London mainly on aeroplanes… not a comforting thought.

So, rather disappointingly, I have taken the sensible option and cancelled the tours around Delhi and to Agra for the Taj Mahal. Both of those trips would expose me to food and drink I am not used to and regardless of how careful I am to follow the “rules” I could easily end up ruining the rest of my trip.

What will do instead?

I am staying in a top hotel near the airport. It has a nice outdoor pool, sauna and steam rooms, top restaurants and a comfy room. I shall make good use of the facilities and hotel hospitality.

Yes, I could still get ill there but the risk is probably no more risky than when staying at any top hotel anywhere in the world and certainly a lot less than venturing out and about.

I realise that some people may think me foolish to pass up on this opportunity and I respect that… may be I am being over cautious… but I’d rather it that way round than end up having to struggle back from Delhi with Delhi Belly in tow. Think of the other passengers!

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