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Well, after a couple of days of looking into ways of keeping EV Chat going I have come to the realisation that I can no longer support EV chat either with hosting space on my commercial server or with my time in administering it.

I am so sorry but I will not be restarting EV chat.

I realise that to many EV Chat was a fun and useful way to discuss Electric Vehicle issues and as it came out of the ashes of the Ampera Owners Club it probably had more Ampera owners than other makes and so you may be more disappointed.

However, the posts are not lost. If there is someone that wishes to take up the reins then get in touch and we can discuss how it might continue. I cannot be involved so you would need to be technically competent to set up your own hosting, look after the hosting and act as moderator/administrator to the forum. Whilst I would welcome someone taking it over be warned… it is a commitment… one that I am struggling to meet given my personal circumstances. So if you want to take it over you would need to convince me you are technically up to it and that you won’t just get it up and running and then walk away. It needs almost daily checking and action taken in the event of spam or a breakout of unreasonable behaviour. That doesn’t happen often but when it does you must act fast if you want to avoid liable and other risks.

The domain name is not mine and so if you want to continue to use it you must contact the owner and make your own arrangements. I will not release the domain without the owners permission.

It is a sad decision but I needed several hundred pounds for hosting and software and I feel I cannot commit any more to evchat given my current financial situation. Sorry. 

I hope someone comes forward with suitable skills that is interested in taking on the task.

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  1. Although I have not been a member for very long and indeed only owning my Ampera for under 3 months I have found it to be full of useful information, hints and tips. I will be sorry to see it go and wish I too had the knowledge and time to devote to it. Hopefully it will return in some format. I for one will miss the knowledge of the forum members and Paul for the unseen hard work in the background thanks, Ian. h8ten.

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