Diary Friday 20/4 – Car not used much today!

Charged night before last to 80% and 10 bars.

4 miles – Shopping

Leaf not used much today but I did have to use the diesel car. We had to take some stuff to the recycling centre and it wouldn’t fit into the Leaf.

This is the first time I have needed to use the diesel car for at least 6 weeks so the Leaf is now definitely our first car. Whilst out in the diesel car I decided to take it for a 30 min run as it hadn’t been used for so long. Something you don’t have to do with an electric car.

With so little used today we are not charging tonight.

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                4
Bars Remaining:                    9/12  so 1 bars used
Estimated range remaining:   78

Total miles driven to date:     11458

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