Diary Monday 16/4

Well, I said I would charge overnight to 80% but I forgot to reset the timer so it charged to 100%.

21 miles – Hospital
50% dual carriageway / 50% town.

Normally, I would say that for the vast majority of visits to a hospital charging wouldn’t be necessary but I do recognise that a hospital is perhaps an exception to the normal rules. Often people visit for hours at a time and often a long stay is unexpected so it might be benefitial having at least some charging available. Perhaps fast charging would be more appropriate in spite of the long stays because those stays can often be unexpected and so people may not know they are staying for long until after some time has passed… then if slow charging only was available it would be too late to plug in.

I support fast charging at hospitals but some slow charging would also be appropriate where a longer stay is already expected upon arrival.

3 miles – Supermarket
If they had charging, would I have plugged in? No. This is a typical scenario… I charge at home, go shopping well within my range and drive home. There is absolutely no need for charging at supermarkets. People that don’t own electric cars imagine that a supermarket is a good place to charge but in reality the vast majority of people would never need to charge at a supermarket.

Also, policing of any charging bays would be difficult as people often park in any free space and I could imaging charging bays being ICEd regularly (ICEd is slang for when a charging bay is occupied by a Internal Combustion Engine car).

Unless it is fast charging, I do not support charging being installed at supermarkets.

15 miles to Plymouth – Hobby
This is probably our most frequently driven route from our home in Saltash the 7 miles or so to Plymouth city centre. 50% dual / 50% town.

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                39
Bars Remaining:                    4/12  so 8 bars used
Estimated range remaining:   35

Total miles driven to date:     11390

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