Diary Saturday 21/4

Not charged overnight.

4 miles – Shopping 
Just to Supermarket! Would I charge at the supermarket? No. Why would I? I am less than 2 miles away and I think that unless you are very much the exception you wouldn’t be far away from where you shop either. Supermarket charging is not necessary.

17 miles – Party
Again to Plymouth. We seem to spend most of our mileage driving to Plymouth and back! Is that unusual? I suspect that most people have trips they regularly do. Places they go to week on week. That is why an electric car could work for most people. Sure, it won’t suit everyone and if your weekly trip profile include journeys that are outside the range of the car then it won’t suit you either. But for the vast majority I suspect that for the vast majority of journeys it is ideal.

I had a few drinks last night and didn’t drive back hence the late post (Sorry!).

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                21
Bars Remaining:                    Sorry didn’t notice (a bit drunk and wife drove home!)
Estimated range remaining:   See above đŸ™‚

Total miles driven to date:     11479

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