Diary Sunday 15/4 – trip back from caravan

100% charge overnight at the caravan site using the 10A “commando” caravan hookup
We are very lucky in that the caravan site owners have allowed us to charge our Leaf when we are in our caravan. They have offered this without extra charge as they want to support electric vehicles.

8 miles to Taunton
Mostly downhill so used very little power but as the car was fully charged we didn’t get much regenration on the way down.

1 hr charge at Reaction Electric, Taunton. 10A using ElectroBay station – 100%
Normally £50pa membership but for today we used the shop owner’s tag.
Charged back to 100% as we needed full charge for trip home to Saltash.

79 miles to Saltash
Arrived 3 miles estimated, 1 bar remaining.
Mostly motorway or dual carriageway at 50-60mph.
It sounds as though we were cutting it very fine but it isn’t as close to being empty as it looks. Firstly, there is a researve of about 10 miles after the estimate get to zero. Secondly, I increased my speed towards the end of the trip once I knew I would definately make it home. I often do this. By monitoring the distance to go and comparing it with the estimate miles remaining I adjust my speed to aim to arrive with just a few miles remaining.

Charge at home tonight to 80% @ 16A.

Today is a typical day for us when returning home from the caravan. 80 miles is the very longest trip I am prepared to take before stopping to charge.

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