Diary Tuesday 17/4

Charged overnight to 80% so started with 10 bars and 78 miles estimated.

13 miles – Plymouth
Driven steadily

17 miles – Hospital

Today was quite a typical day for us. Trip to Plymouth and some pottering is pretty normal. On days like this we do not drive in any special “eco” way. We just drive along with the traffic and if we want to go a bit faster where it is allowed and safe then we do. It is usually only on longer trips where range is a potential issue that we drive more economically.

We nearly always drive in “D” mode. Eco is good for those that have just got the car as it does give you a bit extra range but once you learn how to drive in D mode carefully then there isn’t much benefit to Eco mode except that it reduces your power use by the heater and A/C by half which can help on longer trips.

Car is plugged in and timer set to charge to 80% overnight.

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                30
Bars Remaining:                    4/12  so 6 bars used
Estimated range remaining:   41

Total miles driven to date:     11420

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