Diary Tuesday 24/4 – 180 miles tomorrow

11 miles – Mainly Shopping 

It has been a quiet few days for the Nissan Leaf… we just haven’t been out much!

This will change over the next few days. Tomorrow I have to take the car to the Nissan dealer in Exeter to have a couple of things looked at.

First, the water retention in the doors is not fixed. When it rains water collects in the doors and only comes out when the door is opened. They thought they had fixed that but only one door was fixed. They also are going to look at the knocking coming from the back end. They think it might be the brake pipe rubbing.

That will be 100 miles round trip tomorrow morning so I have set the charge timer to charge to 100% overnight tonight.

When I return from the garage tomorrow I will put the car on charge immediately I return home because depending on the weather we might be going to Taunton in the afternoon. It will probably take 5 hours or so to charge enough to get us back to Exeter to fast charge or we could stay at home and wait until the car is fully charged and then go non-stop to Taunton. It is 79 miles and it is easily doable if driven carefully… we have done it several times already. This is a great example of how 16A charging helps at home. With just 10A we wouldn’t have time to recharge the car after the trip to the garage and we would have to delay our trip to Taunton until the following day.

So car is on charge to 100% tonight ready to go to Exeter for the garage visit in the morning.

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                11
Bars Remaining:                    7/12
Estimated range remaining:   59

Total miles driven to date:     11493

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