Diary Wednesday 18/4

Charged overnight to 80% and 10 bars.

17 miles – See friends for lunch in Plymouth

17 miles – Plymouth to theatre
Very cold tonight so heating on full all way back

We generally don’t put the heating on. Not for reasons of range but because most of our journeys are so short that it often hasn’t heated up before we arrive! Obviously on longer trips we don’t put it on because it does reduce range a bit (approx 10% but can be more) so heating is really only useful on trips in the mid-range… say 30-60 miles.

However, tonight it was cold and I remembered I can switch the heating on via Carwings on my phone so I turned on the heating remotely halfway back to the car. I wish I had remembered in the theatre! I keen forgetting 🙁

Car is plugged in and timer set to charge to 80% overnight.

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                34
Bars Remaining:                    3/12  so 7 bars used
Estimated range remaining:   27

Total miles driven to date:     11454

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