Diary Wednesday 25/4 – 100 mile trip to dealer

Charged to 100% overnight.

100 miles – Visit to JFE Nissan Exeter

Dealer had 2 issues – knocking at rear over uneven road surface and water retention in passenger door.

They removed the rear suspension on the offside and reassembled. All OK.

Seal at bottom of door adjusted to open drain holes.

Car fast charged at dealer to 80%. Drove home at about 70 all way.

Car put immediately on 16A charge in case it was needed in the evening. Charging stopped at 80%

Car not needed in evening so put on charge to 100% tonight ready to go to Taunton tomorrow to see Somerset play cricket!

Day Summary

Miles driven today:                102
Bars Remaining:                    8/12
Estimated range remaining:   60

Total miles driven to date:     11595

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