Does the EVDA-UK Need Radical Change?

It is interesting that discussion about the EVDA-UK and the vote has been banned on both of the leading EV car forums… Speak EV and Leaf Talk. No one is discussing it. We can only assume then that no one is interested… either in the EVDA-UK or especially the vote.

I know I have been pretty critical of the EVDA-UK committee but I don’t do that out of spite. I genuinely believe the EVDA-UK could become a very important organisation in the EV world and I want it to happen, but with the current committee I can’t see that happening. Sorry.

Am I the only person that is interested in discussing the organisation, the committee, how the EVDA-UK could change?

If you haven’t seen my vision statement then you can find it here: ]
Please take a look.

I genuinely don’t want to make personal statements about any of the committee individuals. I don’t know them and have only briefly met one of them. They clearly care very much, they have put in a lot of work to date but they have little to show for it I am afraid.

In my opinion, it needs new blood on the committee. A radical new start. I am suggesting that regardless of the outcome of the vote that the current committee resign and make way for a new committee and a better future.

So, this is a question for the normal members (not the committee!)… What do you, the normal member, think? What do you want? Is the EVDA-UK doing what you want it to do?

Brian Orr and I believe that the current committee cannot turn things around but we are not flavour of the month (for different reasons but the effect is the same). We cannot discuss this anywhere else. This is the place to do so.

This issue will not go away until it is properly resolved. Let’s resolve it properly and positively and get the EVDA-UK moving and on the map… let’s get a new committee.

Note: Also posted to the EVDA-UK forum.

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