Doing nothing is quite difficult

I said I wouldn’t tinker with my Cryptohopper trading strategy and I haven’t but doing nothing is difficult… and to be honest, a little bit boring!

There have been many ups and downs in the Bitcoin market in the past 24 hours when I might have traded against my strategy in anticipation of good things to come but Cryptohopper has stayed unfazed and refrained. On many of those occasions the market went up 1-2%. My heart is seeing these as missed opportunities… my head is saying that the strategy didn’t give me a BUY signal… I should not trade.

One good thing though about rigidly following the plan is that when it does trade there is a much higher chance of success as was demonstrated last night. I was sitting watching TV when about 10.30pm my phone pinged to say that Cryptohopper had just bought. I settled back to my TV programme when about 30 minutes later it pinged again to indicate the sale… over £20 profit! This is very intoxicating. I am trying to treat it as a job but I can’t get over the fact that I am making money while doing very little. OK, not much money but it is a start! I feels kinda wrong!

I think it highly unlikely I will get rich from Bitcoin trading without trading with much larger sums than I am at the moment but it is much better than just leaving my spare cash in the bank and it is certainly fun and very challenging.

Just a word of warning though… don’t trade with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Like all kinds of investments it is risky and none more so than Bitcoin trading…

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