Driving a Nissan Leaf until Turtle Mode

I wanted to see what the maximum range I could get from my Nissan Leaf today. I have driven 80 miles on a full charge in a previous test but I ended that drive with some miles to spare and as I need to do legs of about 85 miles between fast charges on some of my future trips I wanted to get some idea how easy 85 miles would be. So I decided to charge the car to 100% overnight and then drive the car until “turtle” mode kicked in. I didn’t want to go much beyond turtle mode as I didn’t want to run totally out of charge.

So I drove on A-roads for as far as I could aiming to get back to my house with about 10 miles of estimate range. Once back I  drove on roads nearby my house at as close to 30 mph until turtle mode kicked in and then I just drove the few hundred yards back to my house.

How far did I go? 95.6 miles.

Some other interesting observations…

  • Charged to 100% at 16A overnight
  • Speed was all under 55 mph and mostly between 40 and 50 mph.
  • A/C and heater off
  • Temperature 10 deg C
  • Traffic very light
  • Just me in the car
  • Very careful eco-driving style
  • Distance to  “—” estimated range…  88.2 miles
  • Distance after “—” to turtle symbol…  7.4 miles
  • State of Charge bars remaining at end of test – None!

I feel that 85 miles should be possible…

  • if the traffic is light,
  • if the speed is kept to 50 mph max,
  • if the temperature overnight is 10 deg C or greater
  • if you are happy having absolutely no reserve at all (don’t miss your exit, hope for no diversions etc)

How far would I be happy driving on normal trips? I am not happy not having any reserve and so I am never planning any legs between charges greater that 80 miles and then only under the conditions above. If it is a colder day, heavy traffic, on motorway or fast dual carriageway or if I have more than just myself in the car then I will reduce that down accordingly.

So my 85 miles looks a bit optimistic. I will be stopping en-route for a 1 hr slow charge to make sure I think.

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