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For the past couple of years I have run the evchat.co.uk Electric Car forum. It has been great fun and I hope that some people have enjoyed it too and gained some benefit. I have run it and funded it myself without any additional help or contribution and I have always considered it worthwhile.

Recently however, the forum has been plagued by spam posts. I have done my best to keep the forum free of spam by removing what is there and installing all the sensible protection I could muster in the form of additional software and forum addons etc. I have installed a very well known firewall (CSF) and spam blocking software for the forum (ZBBlock) but still the spam is there.

To some extent, spam comes with the territory when running any kind of online service and especially forums but it has got to a stage now where I am finding that the amount of time I am spending on keeping the forum clean is impacting on my work and personal life.

Moreover, the spam is not just forum posts. The forum is infected by some kind of attack that is sending out spam email from my server and this has significant consequences on my paying customers that pay for space on my server. My server is starting to be flagged as one that sends out spam and this can result in email being rejected for any of my customers on the server. This is not acceptable as I cannot let evchat, or any forum for that matter, impact so on my paying customers. I am sure you can appreciate that.

So, it is with deep regret that I have decided not to reopen evchat.co.uk on my server.

In fact, from now on, I have decided that I will not allow any forum software to be run on the server for any purpose and this includes any existing or future customers. Fortunately my existing customers don’t run forums so it isn’t really an issue for them but what it does mean is that whereas before, if I wanted to run a forum myself, I would just install the software, now I have nowhere to host it.

If I could find a sponsor to fund the hosting on a single domain hosting service then I would gladly have another go but that would cost about £10 per month and for a forum with so few active members I really don’t think it is worthwhile.

Clearly, there is a lot of knowledge built up within the forum posts and it would be a shame to lose that and so I am trying to find a solution where the forum could continue on another server or perhaps merge evchat with another, like minded, general EV forum. A merge could be technically difficult so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that but it is worth investigating before giving up altogether.

So, the outlook for evchat at the moment is not looking good.

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