EV Route Planner – 0.8a – Non-Charging Stops

Great News! The next version of the planner is now out and it is a big update.

Until now the only stops you could enter into the planner were stops at charging stations. This was fine for basic route planning but there were a few scenarios that you couldn’t plan.

Now you can add stops not at charging locations and this allows the planning of those scenarios.


  • “Out and Back”
    Add a start point and then add an end point near the start point and build the route. You will then have a very short route! However, now you have a route planned, no matter how short, you can then find and right-click on your destination. Add it as a non-charging stop and hey presto! The route is planned from your start, to the non-charging stop, and back to the end (really the start as start and end are so close).If you need to add a charge on the way out or on the way back… or both, go ahead. You will notice that the legs from a non-charging stop commence with the same charge level at that which you ended the previous leg.
  • Routing via…
    You can now plan your route via any waypoint as a non-charging stop. This will allow you to choose precisely the route you wish to take such as avoiding motorways or perhaps avoiding steep hills etc.In this case, you might not actually stop there but it gives you the ability to plan to route via there nonetheless.

    In a future version I shall be allowing you to enter your actual stop times at each stop so that will feed into better time estimates later.

  • Going on to somewhere else to charge after your destination
    This has been a popular request… you are going to visit a client at their office but they don’t have charging on site. So you will need to make sure you arrive there with enough charge remaining to get you to a charging station or perhaps on to your overnight stop where you can charge.Add your start point and then add your final destination as your end point. Not the office. Then add the office as a non-charging stop. You can now plan stops accordingly to make sure you can reach your final charge station.

I am sure there are lots of other uses for non-charging stops but for now that will keep you going.

Non-charging stops are shown as blue… charging stops as red.

Just like charging stops, you can add then after the start, in the middle or as the next stop in sequence and you can delete them just like charging stops too.


Have a play. As always, if you have questions just ask here or on EV Zone.

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