EV Route Planner – 10 Waypoint Limit

I am using the Google API features to bring you routing and geocoding functions. For small web sites these services are free but there are limits to those free allowances. Once you go over those allowances Google will block the application until the next day when a new allowance is permitted.

As a result of these limitations I am restricted somewhat to what I can offer you in the planner.

Distance between chargers before adding to route

One of the features I want to build into the planner is to show the actual road distance between chargers when building a route before you add the charger to your plan.

As it stands this is not easy. Well, it is technically possibly but it would require a call to Google to route plan each leg every time you even considered adding a particular charging stop, even if you choose not to add it.

This is just not feasible. The number of calls to Google to plan each potential route would soon eat up the free allocation of calls.

Of course, I could buy a commercial Google Maps for Work subscription which would increase the allocation but that is not possible while I offer the map for free.

So for now we are a little limited to what we can do because of the Google free allowances.

Once we start to hit the free limits then I will have to reassess whether I need to charge a fee to access the planner.

10 Waypoint Limit

While I am using the free services from Google we are limited to routes with 10 waypoints or less. This may be an issue for people using the planner when planning longer trips. Other than paying for the commercial licence there is no way round this.

So, you will be restricted to planning trips with 8 stops (either charging or non-charging). The message currently says:

“Start or End Locations Cannot Be Found. Please Re-enter”

If you suddenly get that message after successfully adding stops then you have probably hit the 10 waypoint limit. Simply stop that trip (hit Reset) and start over from that point with a new route.

I realise that this is not particularly helpful but until we get enough use of the planner to justify charging a fee (so we can pay for the Google licence) we will have to put up with this as it is… unless I can find a solution that is 🙂

If you know of a way round these limitations without it costing the earth and without it needing major surgery to the code then please let me know.

4 thoughts on “EV Route Planner – 10 Waypoint Limit”

    1. Thanks Mark.

      I'll look into it, thanks. But from what I have found out so far the API use still have limits and that 8 waypoint (plus start and end) is one that requires Maps for Work licence if we need more… even then it is only 23 waypoints but that should be enough for even the most adventurous EV driver!

  1. Nice idea and we might be able to do that if we were a registered charity… but we are not. Google is very strict on this it seems.

    All is not lost though. I suspect it will be quite a time before the number of calls becomes a problem and until then we will have to put up with the 8 stops limit.

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