EV Route Planner – Feedback and Comments

Now we are moving on with the planner development you will want to feedback comments, bug reports, requests for new features etc and I am really looking forward to you all doing that.

Sometimes it is difficult to hear comments from others especially when it is your “baby” they are talking about and, potentially, criticising. But I feel that it is vitally important that I get to hear your  feedback if I want to move in the right direction.

So I have set up a new page on the EV Zone web site specifically for feedback and I hope you will use it…


I am always pleased to hear comments from you in any way… email, twitter etc… but the benefit of using this page is that all comments are then in one place.

I could use forums but I am taking a sabbatical from forums for 2015 and with no guarantee I will want to join any in the future that just wouldn’t work.

So please use that feedback page or comment here on purplemud.co.uk if you want to feedback to me or comment on EV Zone or the Planner.

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