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As an electric car owner of over 3 years I have struggled to plan long trips. It is difficult. Existing route planners such as Google Maps or The AA do not have EV charging on the map and so it requires a considerable amount of effort and inconvenience to plan a long trip in an EV. The basic start and end locations are easy to map but then you need to determine where you will need to stop to charge and that is where the issues start to build.

I find that I spend my time investigating charging locations on other web sites, getting their locations (either by their proximity to landmarks or via lat/long) and then entering these locations as waypoints on the route planner and so building up a route between charging stations.

This is often a long-winded and luckless task and there should be an easier way.

I am a software developer and so I decided that I couldn’t sit around waiting for someone else to build a route planner that suits EV drivers and so I am building one myself.

It is called “EV Route Planner”… now you don’t have to tell me how original that name is… I chose it to show how modern, and with-it I am! Anyway… that is its name for now but it might change.

The basic functionality will be to enter you start and end locations and some details of your EV, such as range, type of charging (fast/rapid), charging socket (J1772/CHAdeMO etc) and some preferences such as fastest/shortest/least charges etc. Then, either automatically or manually charging locations will be added to your route as waypoints. At the end you will have a complete itinerary for your trip… where you will charge, how long for and to what charge % you will need to charge to at each stop. In fact… all the aspects you might want to plan will be taken care of in the one place.

It is an ambitious project especially as my coding skills are rusty from 10 years of only occasional use. But I have over 30 years programming experience so it should not be beyond my skills.

So enough talk already… you can find it on a test site at : http://www.evzone.org.uk/ev-route-planner

However, before you go charging off all excited there are a couple of things you will need to know…

Firstly, this is a testing site and a testing planning. IT IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE FINISHED!

That means it is slow, it has some dubious coding that will have to be tidied up. It has no design to it yet so is clunky in how it works. The controls may well change hugely between this test site and any future live version.

However, it kinda works enough to prove a few concepts and to allow my programming skills to be shone up a bit.

Now you can go off and give it a try. 🙂

Please read the instructions and look at the Latest Changes if you get stuck or post a question either here or even better on the Speak EV thread at https://speakev.com/threads/ev-route-planner.5003/ . I will be using that thread to make further announcements first so why not sign up if you are not a member already and join in the discussion 🙂

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