EV Route Planner – Update

Just a quick note to let you know what has been happening with the EV Route Planner recently…

For a while development on the Planner was halted whilst I investigated the data quality on Open Charge Map to determine if I was happy using OCM data. I didn’t want to use OCM data if I felt that the data quality issues were not being adequately addressed and resolved.

After speaking at length to Kevin Sharpe today I am reassured that data quality will be addressed. Unfortunately, as I have explained in another blog post, I cannot have a major part in that data quality resolution effort but I am assuming that Chris Cook will take on board my concerns and address many of the issues I have raised.

So, with that concern of mine at least now properly raised, I feel that I should just accept that OCM data quality will improve over time and so I am forging ahead with development of the EV Route Planner.

The planner is now available again on evzone.org.uk and I shall be tidying it up and adding the final touches over the next few weeks. In the meantime you are all free to use it again.

As I am not on the forums please feel free to comment here on my blog or to use email or Twitter. I always welcome feedback/comments etc.

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