EV Route Planner – Usable Energy Calculation

I saw the following post on Speak EV…

Just has a play with the latest version and was intrigued by the
way the options operate. Initially I put in a range of 75 miles from
100% and changed the miles per kwh to 3.5 as that is my long term
average. This gave me a realistic looking 21… KWh battery capacity.
Later I tried putting 75 miles range and left the miles per kwh at 4
default. This gave a 25 KWh capacity which is clearly wrong for the
leaf. The maths seems questionable because if you get the same range
using less power per mile you would expect that to equate to a lower
capacity not higher.

To answer this query…

Usable 100% kWh is an estimate based on the values you enter into the Options screen.

It is simply

current 100% range / power used

So, if you entered that your 100% range was 75 miles and you used energy at 4m/kWh then you must have a usable battery capacity of 75 / 4 = 18.75kWh

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