EV Route Planner – version 0.7a


This is a minor update in terms of coding but a major step forward…

  • Connector type can now be selected on the Options screen

This now means that you can select just those locations that have the connector you need.
is not exclusive… in other words, if you select multiple types you
will see all locations that have one or more of those selected types.

as this works in conjunction with the “Power” you will see only those
stations with the selected connectors with the selected power. To see
locations with those connectors that have other powers you will need to
change the “Power” selection.

This will take a bit of discovery as to what works for you… please experiment and comment here.


I am still in two minds whether to change the “Power” selection to checkboxes rather than radio buttons. Checkboxes would mean you could select more than just one power level.

In fact, “Level” is not really a recognised term now. It might be better just to allow the entry of a power in kW and do away with level altogether.

This is still very much under review 🙂

Please let me know your thoughts/preferences by commenting below.

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