EVDA-UK: I Resign… yet again!

Now that the vote results are published I cannot continue as a member of the EVDA-UK. I re-joined hoping that I could contribute to the success of the EVDA-UK and my offer and suggestions were turned down… yet again.

The vote process is flawed in that they have counted the vote themselves and yet they are the ones most likely affected by the outcome. Not very constitutionally sound IMO.

I have no idea if that result is accurate or not and as I have no confidence in the committee, under the circumstances, I have no choice but to resign yet again.

If you believe this vote to be unconstitutionally sound and also have no confidence in the committee then I urge you to resign as I have done tonight..
I sent the following to the EVDA-UK membership secretary by email:
To the EVDA-UK,
I see that you have published the result of the No Confidence vote… or your claimed result.

This vote process is fundamentally flawed in that you, the EVDA-UK committee, has done the count for the vote and yet you are the subject under consideration.Regardless of how much you might trust your MP would you allow him to count his own votes? Of course not. For any vote to have any integrity the count must be done by an independent party… someone that has no vested interest in the outcome either way.

This vote is fatally flawed in that respect. I have no evidence to suggest that the result is not sound but then again, I have no evidence to suggest it is sound either, other than your word and for me that is not enough given that you are the ones most affected by the result.

This is just another example of the incompetence of the EVDA-UK committee and with such a committee in charge of the EVDA-UK I have no alternative than to resign my membership yet again. I have offered my help and you have refused it believing your inaction and incompetence to be your preferred way. So be it.

All I can now hope is that you do not do any more damage to the EV cause than you have done already. Please remove me from your membership list.

Paul Churchley

I will say no more about the EVDA-UK. I believe it is dead in the water and although it may bump along the bottom for a while and take the odd breath from time to time I believe it will fizzle out and eventually disappear. In the meantime I hope it does no more harm.
I shall continue to consider whether there is support for an alternative. Plug in Britain had a lot of support and I believe that it would have totally eclipsed the EVDA-UK and become something that EV drivers actually wanted to join. If I sense that it will have support then I will try to make it happen.
Until then… I rest my case 🙂

One thought on “EVDA-UK: I Resign… yet again!”

  1. The EVDA-UK have said that I am accusing them of malice.

    Please read what I said… not what you think I said.

    I said that I have seen no evidence either way. That is why the vote was flawed constitutionally. The party most affected by the outcome counted the votes! How can that give any confidence of fair play?

    I stand by my statement. The vote was constitutionally flawed and had the potential for bias and that is why many didn't take part in the vote.

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