EVDA-UK: Today is the Day

As the EVDA-UK have Twittered… Today is the Day!

That is, the day when the vote closes and we learn the fate of the EVDA-UK committee.

I have to say that I cannot get too excited about it really. The silence here and elsewhere is deafening. No one is at all interested… either in the EVDA-UK or in this vote. We are banned from discussing it on Leaf Talk and Speak EV so you would think that people would be flocking to the EVDA-UK forum to discuss it. However, not a single person, other than me and the committee, has joined in the discussion. No one wants to talk about it. What does that say?

I know what it says to me… people don’t want the EVDA-UK. They do not see any benefit. They join because it is free and because they wanted to support what they thought would be a worthwhile group to be a part of but they are all hugely disappointed. If a fee was charged, even a small one, I am certain most would not pay.

They are disappointed because the EVDA-UK has actually done so little to benefit EV owners. There is still no support services, no reliable information sources, no tools to help, no dialogue with members or prospective members… all in all, the EVDA-UK has done nothing except talk for 18 months!

Today is the day. That is true. However, the vote is being collated by the committee so it will be impossible for anyone to know how the votes were actually cast. What is to stop the committee claiming a victory regardless? They cannot and must not publish who voted what as that would be a breach of privacy… yet for this vote to be considered valid it must be independently scrutineered… So, without that this vote means pretty much nothing.

If you are voting then please vote “No Confidence” but at the end of the day… the committee holds all the cards. I fully expect the vote to go against the committee but will they admit to a defeat and how would we know which way it went anyway?

Note: Also posted to the EVDA-UK forum

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