EVDA-UK – A Vision for the Future

As you may have read in other posts I declared my confidence in the
EVDA-UK committee. I said I was voting in favour of the committee in
this vote certain that they wanted the EVDA-UK to change when faced with
such opposition.

Over the past few days I have been in email communication with the
committee sharing with them my vision of the EVDA-UK and trying to
convince them that they must radically change if they are to make
themselves attractive to the EV driver.

I could imagine everything that Plug in Britain was going to be and
more… In short, I was hoping that with their sharing of my vision we
could make the EVDA-UK every bit as successful as I expected Plug in
Britain to be.

Here are some ideas for what the EVDA-UK could be doing:

Just to be clear… my vision is just an example and not the only way but as no one else is coming up with any other ideas mine is a good one to be getting on with for discussion purposes.

Alas, the EVDA-UK do not share my vision and they have made it clear that they
believe they are being successful and that progress at their pace is
what is needed. I strongly disagree.

I believe that the EVDA-UK needs a radical makeover. It needs people at
the helm that are dynamic and have vision, drive. I believe that I have
that vision, that drive.

In short… those discussions have now convinced me that the EVDA-UK
committee must go and make way for new blood that are dynamic and have
vision. In short… I am changing my vote to one of “No Confidence”.

I want to make it clear that my vote of no confidence is a vote against
the committee… not one supporting all the views of Brian Orr. However,
Brian is right in one respect… the committee is stagnant and lacks
drive and vision and must go.

Should the vote go against the committee then I will gladly put myself
up for chair. I would need committee members willing to share that
vision and make the EVDA-UK the success we all want it can be. It would
mean the EVDA-UK becoming a charity (with all the governance that
guarantees) and it would probably mean us having to charge a small
annual fee. However, if you want anything worth while then someone has to
pay and it can only be the members if it is to be successful.

If anyone wants to know more about my vision of how we can all make the
EVDA-UK a success then please get in touch . I am not here to dictate what to do but I have a vision that I
want to share.

Come and join me

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