EVDA-UK – Warning for my Conduct

Not unsurprisingly, I have now received a warning from the EVDA-UK committee claiming I have breached the Code of Conduct.

I say unsurprisingly because they are doing everything in their power to discredit me and to prevent my message getting out to the members and this is just another move to try to do just that.

This whole vote scenario is a shining example why the committee must go. They are holding a vote about whether they, the committee, should stand down and yet it is they that are counting the votes and have control over the voting procedure.

Surely this is not right? When the votes are counted and the result announced what is to stop them from just declaring that the motion to remove them has failed and then carry in as normal regardless of the actual votes cast? How will we know if this was the actual outcome or whether they had just announced their win to prevent them having to resign?

It is an interesting question and one that further highlights their unsuitability to run the EVDA-UK. I have proposed that the EVDA-UK form as a registered charity and if that happened then any future votes would be carried out under the charity guidelines. It would be open, fair and independently administered.

Surely that has to be the way to go? A charity must be properly governed, is accountable to the public and its members and adds credibility.

There is still time to vote “No Confidence” or to change your vote.

I have had a number of people say that I am unsuitable to be involved but I must ask you to consider this: with the vision and drive I have would I do worse than the current committee? Things would at least happen for the benefit of the EV driver. Please don’t let the EVDA-UK just carry on as it is or fold. It can become something you are all proud of.

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