Exciting Times!

Well, those that know me or those of you that have read some of this blog over the past few years will know that although there have been plenty of good times life has been pretty rotten at times too. But now I have great news that gives me nothing but happiness to tell you…

… I am engaged to be married!

February this year was one of the really rotten times as you can imagine, but just when I least expected it, along came something good and her name is Tracy.

I met Tracy Castle in April and it was clear right from the very beginning that we had something special. Since then, we have spent a lot of time together with several trips abroad and spending most weekends either at her house mine.

We have decided to get married at Gretna Green over the old blacksmith’s anvil as a modern elopement. Actual elopement, in the traditional sense, isn’t really possible nowadays as notice needs to be given in advance. However, we are getting as close as possible to it with just Tracy and myself at the ceremony with even the witnesses being provided by the hotel. It is all very exciting!

M day is 29 December.

Afterwards, we are going on our honeymoon in Scotland and spending Hogmanay in Inverness. Tracy has some research to do while we are up there so we will spend a fair bit of time driving around weather permitting.

Well there you are… That’s all for now. Hopefully more later

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