Finally! In new house!

I think the last time I posted about the house we were still some time away from the actual move. Well, I simply haven’t had the time, or energy for that matter, to post about it . Sorry 🙁

Anyway, a week ago yesterday we moved from Saltash, Cornwall… to Plymouth Devon. Just a few miles but the two houses are a world away.  Our last house was a “shoebox” on an estate. A nice house by all accounts but very much a modern estate setting… lots of movement at all hours of the day, kids playing footy in the road, lots of your families about all the time… I am sure you know the kind of place I am describing. Well we have been very happy there for over 10 years but we wanted more space and a quieter setting. Hence the move.

By contrast, the new house is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac of just 10 houses with just one direct neighbour. It is QUIET ! If our neighbours don’t specifically visit us the no one will ever walk past hour house. This is better.

The house is bigger too at not far off twice the floor area so we can spread out a bit.

The move went reasonably well but not without drama. The removals company were short staffed and so packing was delayed and rushed. We were due to vacate the property by 2pm and we didn’t. Fortunately the incoming owner was understanding but it added to the already high levels of stress we felt having all our loved belongings, some over 200 years old and family heirlooms, squeezed into a lorry. The lorry was full to the room and doors.

The move into the new place was much easier of course with boxes just dumped in the most appropriate room or the garage. The removal company left at about 7pm and we were left with a mountain to climb to get the house liveable. Needless to say, we ate out that night!

By the end of the next day we had the basics up and running of the bedroom, kitchen and lounge but no TV yet and limited cooking ability. I won’t bore you with the details but now, a week later, we have no boxes remaining in the kitchen, bedroom or lounge and the study is made up with desk, computer, printer etc. We still have many boxes to sort and I have yet to set up my hobby room/workshop but that can wait. It does mean that the Home Automation project will remain on hold for a while.

So all in all we are in. We have discovered a few breakages and we are not happy with that but everything important was fine.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful events we encounter in our lives and I can believe it, but it is all over now bar the shouting and we already feel at home here and very happy we moved.


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