Finally making progress on the Home Automation

After moving house it has taken me a while to get my act together to make progress on the Home Automation but today I had a breakthrough.

Today, for the first time, I managed to get openHAB to talk to and control a z-wave mains socket switch.  openHAB was alreay picking up the Open Energy Monitor figures of house power use but today I added the z-wave binding and proved that z-wave control is not only possible but pretty easy.

Just to give a summary then…


Open Energy Monitor already puts its figures onto its own MQTT broker on the Raspberry Pi. To get that into openHAB I installed a MQTT broker (Mosquitto) onto the Home Server on which openHAB is running. I then set up a “Bridge” between the two MQTT brokers so that all messages posted to the OEM MQTT queue were repeated on the Home Server queue. openHAB can then easily poll the MQTT queue on the Home Server to pick up the figures.

openHAB could just of easily picked up the figures directly from the MQTT queue on the Raspberry Pi but I wanted to de-couple the systems and doing it this way makes each system totally independent with openHAB always getting its MQTT feed from its own broker.


To get z-wave working I just followed the z-wave binding pages of the openHAB wiki…

As I have a TKB TZ88 switch I just picked up the example from the examples on the wiki…

I shall post more details as the system builds…

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