Finally some sun!

Well, after a long cold and particulary rainy winter we have a few days of sun and finally we can start to generate some solar power.

In fact, this is the first time that our solar PV system has had a chance to show us what it can do and it is very encouraging.

A couple of days ago we had a day of continuous sun and as it was the day after the equinox the day/night was almost exactly 50%/50%.

As you can see from the display from the inverter we geenrated 38kWh!!! WOW! That is about what 3 family homes might typically use in a day!

Now the question remains… do we need, or would we significantly benefit, from home battery storage? We are getting an electric car again in the near future and we are going on to the Octopus Agile electricity tariff so it is a confused situation that I will be considering over the next few weeks… not a lot else to do with this coronavirus lockdown!!!

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