Gateshead – Arrived at Darlington

What a fantastic day. 240 miles in a Nissan Leaf… An electric car with a range of about 100 miles.

Today started at 5.30. I had to get on the road by 6am so I was up before dawn.

70 miles from Stroud to Streetly, near Birmingham, where I had a 1hr fast charge at the Nissan dealer there. Then back on the road another 70 miles to Stockport, near Manchester, this time for a 1hr slow charge as their fast charger is not yet commissioned. Another 30 miles to Halifax for another 1hr fast charge and finally on the road again another 70 miles to Piercebridge, near Darlington. I arrived about 5pm.

The whole trip has been trouble and stress free and although it has taken a fair bit of planning for me to do such a trip in the Nissan Leaf it does hold great promise or the future when the charging infrastructure is properly inn place. Driving and electric car long distances will be a pleasure for everyone.

So another 40 miles to Gateshead tomorrow for the conference.

After I was due to return to Darlington for tomorrow night and then retrace my steps back home to Saltash on Friday and Saturday. However that has now changed.

Nissan have invited be to take the Nissan Leaf on the ferry to Amsterdam from Newcastle after the conference. They are collecting a “world record number” of Nissan Leafs at the 1928 Olympic stadium to a drive-in showing of the film “Revenge of the Electric Car”. How could I refuse such an offer?

So, nothing has changed as far as the return journey back home is concerned except that the return journey won’t now happen until Monday/Tuesday. From tomorrow evening until Sunday I will be in Amsterdam. Needless to say, I will be twittering and blogging throughout.

Tomorrow I will do what I can to report on the conference throughout the day but I have no idea what wifi they have so it may not be possible… Bhut I will try. Otherwise I will report back as soon as I can.

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