Gateshead Here I Come!

Well the day has finally arrived and I woke up this morning to a sunny start to my 920 mile round trip from Saltash to gateshead in my electric car… a Nissan Leaf.

The plan is that today I drive from Saltash to Stroud, a distance of about 170 miles. I will stay overnight in a B&B in Stroud and then tomorrow I will drive the 240 miles on to Darlington.

Right now I am sitting in the lounge of a lovely B&B near Stroud. The car is plugged in and is charging and I am relaxing after an excellent day’s driving.

The 170 miles from Saltash needed me to stop at Exeter and Wincanton to fast charge at Nissan dealers and each charge took just 30 mins. So, todays trip hasn’t taken that much longer than doing it in a non-electric car. The difference though is that it would cost just £5 in electricity instead of about £20 with petrol or diesel.

Tomorrow will be a little more challenging. I have about 240 miles to cover with a fast charge at Birmingham and a 3hr slow charge at Manchester (teir fast charger isn’t yet commissioned) then on to Halifax for another fast charge then a 70 mile drive to Darlington. Leaving at 6am tomorrow I should arrive in Darlington by 7pm… a long day! I think that this will be the furthest I will have driven in the Leaf in a single day so far.

I would like to thank the owners of The Millstone House B&B,  for their understanding and allowing me to charge the car overnight. See their web site at and if you want to charge your electric car then you would be very welcome.

So, will I make it to Darlington? I hope so 🙂

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