Current Glympse Web Address:

This is the current address to follow me on the London to Edinburgh trip.
If you see http:/— then my Glympse tracking is not active.

I am so impressed with Glympse! What is Glympse?

It is a tracking system that allows you to track where someone is in real time. By “real time” I mean you see their position on a map and as they move you actually see them move… almost as if you are looking at them from space! It is really good fun and a great way to track a car or person.

The way it works is that the person being tracked installs the Glympse phone app on the mobile. They then set up the event and publish the web address of where you can track them. You then go to that web address and watch them as them move. It is easy!

I will be using Glympse on my trip this week so if you want to see where I am you can go to Glympse and even see me on the move.

The Glympse web address is only valid for a number of hours at a time before a new address must be set up so if you want to follow me over the 4 days then you will need to return to this page to get the current address. I shall publish the Glympse web address for you to track me at the top of this page and keep it current.

Have fun with Glympse! 🙂

Note: I shall only have Glympse active whilst actually travelling. I shall turn it off in the evenings… a guy has to have a little privacy!!! 😉

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