Goodbye 1.6 CVT Qashqai… hello 1.5 manual

Well, after getting the Qashqai back from the dealer last week it was clear immediately that the issue was not fixed. I had to try to get used to the throttle delay. I tried… I really tried… but I couldn’t. It really doesn’t suit my driving style.

So I went to the dealer this afternoon to discuss my options.

JFE Nissan is about as good as I could ever expect a dealer to be. They
recognise my concerns and have offered to replace the car for a nominal
fee for the model of my choice.

I thoroughly test drove the manual 1.5 diesel and I found it a delight
compared to the 1.6 CVT and so today we ordered a new 1.5 manual Qashqai
Tekna for delivery in a week or so.

I cannot say how impressed I am with the attitude JFE have displayed. If
you want a Nissan… buy it from JFE Nissan, Exeter and you won’t be
disappointed IMO.

PS. I am sure there are other good dealers but they do seem to be the exception rather than the rule in my experience.

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